Ryan Thibault – Owner/Editor

Position: Graphic artist, writer, photographer

Fame: Owner of Independent Allied, a design firm specializing in biking in beer… go figure.

Spray: Ryan lives, breathes and eats bikes. He also eats dirt and crow. If he’s not flying down mountains on his bike he’s either changing yet another flat tire or rustling alpacas.

Send Ryan your cool photos and ideas at

Knight Ide – Contributor

Position: Freeride Ambassador

Fame: Stone mason, sponsored rider and owner of Ideride, purveyor of all things mountain biking from guided trips to terrain park construction.

Spray: We all want to be Knight. And not just because he has a cool name. He’s also a master on a bike, in an excavator, and controlling his computer’s mouse with his left hand while using his right to… do other things.

Nate Freund – Owner/Operator

Position: Mountain biking super enthusiast and business consultant

Fame: Owner of Sushi Yoshi, Killington MTB park, and Stowe Town Loops local rider.

Spray: Nate entered the MTB world late in the game but makes up for it by attacking the trails with the irrational exuberance of a fat kid on a wedding cake.

Contact Nate at!


Jake Goss – Photographer

Position: Grunt photographer, budding MTB filmmaker, and professional grumbler

Fame: Jake shoots bitchin’ stills that provide the thrills to get us out riding in the hills

Spray: Still not sure which is his favorite, he swaps between wagon wheels, 275ers, fatbikes, and the endangered 26

Colleen Casey Contributor

Colleen Casey – Contributor

Position: Digital Editor

Fame: Owner of Wander on Words, a hand-lettering business, Graphic Designer in Killington, Lover of Beer, Snow & Mountain Biking

Spray: We knew Colleen would be an asset to our team when we took her on her first MTBVT ride… uphill for over an hour without complaint. Thanks to the stack of pizza slices she smuggled up in her camelbak she survived and was hired on the spot.

Josh Harris – Contributor

Position: Part time mountain bike bum, full time adrenaline seeker, gravity sport enthusiast, AASI Level III Snowboard Instructor / Staff Trainer @ Killington

Fame: You can find his face on a local trail map. Otherwise, he’s only infamous.

Spray: Josh is a fan of not only the bike, but bike life- the friends, family, exercise, and experience all rolled into one big mountain bike lifestyle. He loves exploring new trails, traveling with his bike, and can often be found trying to keep up with his wife and two young kids- also on bikes.